Education and training in Australia

Education in Australia is paid. Entrance examinations to universities do not exist. It is only necessary to provide a certificate of the language test and a receipt for payment of the course. Everything, you are a student!

For Australian citizens, the state gives a student loan, which will be repaid gradually during the first five working years after the student graduates from the university.

The length of study in Australia directly depends on your abilities. To obtain a diploma, it is necessary to study (successfully pass) the established number of subjects. You can study one subject per semester and study before the “carrot conspiracy”, or study three or four subjects per semester and graduate from the University in 2 – 2.5 years.

In Australia, nobody forces anyone to study. Teachers will not chew you anything – they will simply give an introductory lecture, answer general questions, and give practical examples. All! You will find all other tasks in the manual, as well as a list of references for study. And there … you want – live in the library, you want – swim on the beach. The control must be passed until “such a date, until 17-00”! Do not have time to pass – penal points are removed from the overall score.

Exams are written only. Independent teachers from other Universities who have never seen you in your life check your work. I scored half of the 100% of the total score – I passed it, I didn’t scored – everyone also smiles – pay again for the subject and study it again! But the most important thing is that the Australian University Diploma is a Diploma! He is a Diploma in Australia, a Diploma in America, a Diploma in Africa, and a Diploma in Honduras too! Please do not forget, this Diploma doubles your salary automatically!

Australia stores

The supply system (stores) are everywhere and everywhere.

An interesting phenomenon can be observed in a small small town, where there are the same two or three huge supermarkets as in every large area of ​​large cities. Large stores are open until 17-18 hours. On Thursdays, all stores are open until 21 – 22 hours – it is believed that this day of the week is reserved for families to make purchases for the upcoming weekend, so everything and everything works until late.

80% of all consumer goods are made in China. Product quality deserves all praise – very well done! Even the “Italian” shoes – actually just called that – are made in China. On the shelves are all the world’s leading manufacturers and promoted brands. Of course, people buy – but sluggishly. Every six months, there is a seasonal sale of manufactured goods, where you can buy for half the price yesterday. These days the bulk of the population is oriented.

As for food products. It is very difficult to explain to the local public what the concept of “harvesting vegetables for the winter” means or what “home canning” means. An interesting Russian woman said: “Before complaining, remember when was the last time your children ate canned fruit in Australia?” Believe me, no one can remember …

On the other hand, what power makes Australians eat in: McDonalds, Red Roosters, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Subways, etc. etc. , provided that on the opposite side of the street there are a huge number of restaurants with the taste of hot food – do not we understand?

By the way, the prices of many food products are exactly the same as in Russia. The only thing is that bread in Russia is cheaper.

It is better not to mention the quality of Australian food in this article so as not to upset the readers of the Russian audience. In consolation, she can note that we prefer to buy New Zealand butter, Australian.

No one turns off the water in the tap, gas and electricity in the apartment – the supply is uninterrupted. Newspapers, medicines (what else can the population be supplied with?) – all this is regularly supplied. The most important thing – at affordable prices for everyone!

“For meat” we have already recounted the Australian salary. If anyone has a desire to count the Australian salary “for pasta” or “ice cream”, and then compare it with the amount of ice cream bought for the average Russian salary – please, it’s better not to do this so as not to be completely upset.