Sea in Sydney

It’s hard to imagine that the vibrant capital of New South Wales with its impressive harbor, white sails of the Opera House and the elegant arch of the Harbor Bridge was once a colony for criminals. The oldest, largest and most beautiful of all Australian cities with the sea in the heart is the city of Sydney.

A bit of history

After the landing of the first expedition of James Cook at the end of 18 century on the shores of Botany Bay was founded a settlement consisting of pardoned British criminals. Constant riots and uprisings in the town, named after the British lord, continued until the first half of the 18th century. The situation changed with the discovery of a nearby gold deposit. The beginning of the industrial mining of the precious metal contributed to the influx of the working-age population into the city and the development of infrastructure. The rapid growth in the number of inhabitants (from 39 thousand to 200 thousand over less than 20 years) had a positive effect on the political structure and development of Sydney. Educational and administrative institutions, theaters and clubs, hospitals and schools were built. The sea, rivers and numerous bays and channels allowed the creation of a good network of water transport on the coast. You can learn more about the history of the first British colony in Australia, founded in 1788 by Captain Arthur Philippe, with the help of guides in the magnificent museums of the city and its ancient stone-paved streets.

Famous Sights of Sydney are:

  • Port Jackson Bay
  • Harbor Bridge
  • Opera theatre

Entertainment, tours and popular places

Tourists come to Sydney not only to admire the many architectural sights of the city or to go on a trip on a sightseeing tour. In the summer season, you can go surfing at sea, and exciting day trips take place to nearby nature reserves around the city.

Bondi Beach, where athletes ride the waves from the dawn, is sometimes called a national surfing reserve. It is located 30 minutes by train or bus from the Town Hall in the city center.

A tour along the famous coastal path from Bondi to the coast of Kuja, 6 kilometers long, is one of the most popular hiking trails.