Roads in Australia

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Australia, despite its youth as a state, is among the largest developed countries, including the standard of living. And the roads in Australia are one of the indicators of the excellent state of the economy.

Continent car network

This continent has a particular paradox. On the one hand, in this country one of the highest indicators of the number of kilometers of roads per capita. On the other hand, a significant part of the continent is entirely devoid of transportation routes. However, this is easily explained. Almost half of the territory of Australia is uninhabited desert, where there are practically no people and settlements. Most of the country’s inhabitants live along the coast.

It is not surprising that most of the various routes and highways are located near the sea, and the largest concentration of roads falls in the south-east of the country, where the most significant metropolitan areas are located.

The main road is Highway No. 1. This major highway runs along the entire Australian coast, covering the whole country with an asphalt road. In addition, a whole network of convenient passages interconnects numerous cities by the sea, as well as in the inhabited territories.

But in the center of the country, especially in the desert areas, there are almost no roads. However, an ordinary tourist in those places should not go, because the desert without water and food is not the most hospitable place.

An exception in the central part of Australia is the city of Alice Springs, which, thanks to the neighborhood of the famous mountain Uluru, is a magnet for tourists. Several major trails also intersect in this area.

Another popular destination among travelers is the famous Great Ocean Road, which runs in the south-east of the country near Melbourne. Here you can enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery and superb sea coast.

Australian Roads Features

Due to the considerable distances, most of the roads in the country have a ground cover. However, this applies mainly to those tracks, the load on which is not particularly significant.

If we talk about the quality of the roads, it is simply excellent. Almost perfect surface, wide and comfortable lanes make traveling around the country extremely comfortable and enjoyable.